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Raiders vs. Jets second half open thread

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Can the Raiders finish off the victory?

NFL: New York Jets at Oakland Raiders Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

At halftime, the score is Raiders 21, Jeff Tripplette 10.

The Raiders have been able to march up and down the field at will against a New York Jets defense which doesn’t seem nearly as good as advertised. Michael Crabtree has two first-half touchdown receptions and Marshawn Lynch has a two-yard touchdown rush for his first score as an Oakland Raider.

The Jets have not showed the ability to consistently move the football against Oakland’s defense, but a few highly questionable calls against the Raiders defense put them in position to score ten points. It will be up to the coaching staff to make the necessary adjustments to keep the Jets from scoring any more points, because for the Jets to score a higher number than 10 would be an embarrassment.

Gareon Conley got plenty of playing time in the first half and made an extremely athletic play on the ball, so here’s hoping we see more success from him. Reggie Nelson has been stout against the run.

Enjoy the second half!