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Filed under: week three power rankings: Raiders leapfrog Patriots, AFC West dominant

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Oakland Raiders  v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

So, let me get this straight. The Raiders week one win wasn’t enough to put them ahead of the Patriots who were roasted in the season opener to the Chiefs, but their week 2 win over the Jets was? Okeedokee.

The new power rankings are out over at and they look a bit more accurate than after week one.

This version has the Chiefs atop the rankings, which is probably where they belong at this point. And right behind them is the Raiders, followed by the Patriots.

After week one it was the Packers who had the top spot, which looked more like a default ranking based on the Patriots losing. Then the Packers went out and got beaten by the defending NFC Champion Falcons, shaking up what shouldn’t have needed to be shaken.

Now the Chiefs are at the top, the Patriots aren’t still above the Raiders and the Falcons — who were within a few not-terrible play calls from junior Shanahan of being the defending Super Bowl champion — jump to the fourth spot. They’re followed by the Steelers

The surprise team so far is the Broncos, who obliterated the Dallas Cowboys Sunday to start the season 2-0 and take the 6th spot in the rankings. That means the AFC West makes of half the top six in the rankings.

The Chargers — who were within a missed last second field goal in both of their losses — landed at number 20.

Good times.

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