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Zach Brown had free agent visit to Oakland this offseason, now in Washington daring Raiders to ‘put the ball in the air’

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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders head to Washington Sunday to face their week three opponent. The linebacker for said opponent is one Zach Brown and he seems pretty confident in his team’s ability to defend the pass, telling NFL Network’s Good Morning Football “We’re daring you to put the ball in the air.”

It’s an interesting dare for a team whose pass defense is ranked 26th in the league giving up 269 yards per game. It’s also interesting Brown would say that when he is about to face the league’s 13th pass offense and a quarterback in Derek Carr who has 5 touchdowns and no interceptions.

To Brown’s credit, he has earned some room to talk. He is currently second in the league with 22 combined tackles (15 solo) and a couple tackles for loss.

Brown, you may recall, made the rounds as a free agent this offseason, including a stop in Oakland. It was late in free agency and things were finally heating up for him because he was one of the few valued commodities left. He left Oakland without a deal.

What was interesting was a couple tweets he had as he was leaving. The first he said “Gone, Outta here. — moneybagg yo” (that’s a rapper and his lyrics for those unfamiliar). And the second was about things heating up so he can go fishing, which could be interpreted literally or figuratively.

He would eventually sign with Washington, and you can bet he’s looking to prove to the Raiders that they should’ve made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.