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Raiders week 2 Ballers & Busters vs Jets: Part two

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The lesser performances in the Raiders week two win over the Jets.

NFL: New York Jets at Oakland Raiders Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports


David Amerson

The Jets scored two touchdowns in the game. Both of them were surrendered by Amerson. The first scoring drive started with Amerson giving up an 8-yard catch despite pressure by Karl Joseph on the blitz. The drive ended when on third and 2, Amerson gave up a 34-yard touchdown. He had position on the pass, watching it in the air come his way, but let Jermaine Kearse get behind him for the score. There was a slight shove by Kearse, but nothing that would be considered offensive pass interference and certainly nothing that should have kept Amerson from making a play on the ball.

To begin the third quarter, the Jets were driving again. On third and 10, Amerson gave up the catch and required assistance from Karl Joseph to make the tackle just short of the sticks. In 4th and one, the Jets went for it and a delay of game forced them to settle for the field goal.

Finally, with the Raiders up 42-13, cruising to a victory, the Jets would drive for one more score. On third and 10 from the 11, Kearse would beat Amerson again for the touchdown. Giving up four catches for 62 yards and 2 touchdowns is a bad day against anyone. It’s especially bad against the Jets.

Cory James

Even with two of the Jets’ tight ends inactive, James still had his issues. The Jets’ second scoring drive was an especially bad one. He was blocked on a 6-yard run, gave up a 7-yard catch, a 3-yard catch on third and three (though it sure looked to be short), a 16-yard run, and a 7-yard run that put the Jets in field goal range.

Late in the third quarter, he gave up a 10-yard catch on third and 3. And on the Jets’ final scoring drive, he gave up an 8-yard run and a 5-yard run to put them at midfield.

Marshall Newhouse

While I’m sure Raiders fans right now are just thankful the team’s right tackle is Newhouse instead of Menelik Watson (click here if you don’t know why), the position is still clearly the weak link on the Raiders line.

The first run of the second quarter, after the Richard 39-yard catch and run, Newhouse whiffed on his block to get Lynch stuffed for no gain. Though the Raiders were still able to score on the drive, the next drive they wouldn’t be so lucky. On third and 2, Derek Carr dropped back and was met quickly by Muhammad Wilkerson forcing him to try to evade him. Jared Cook was wide open with nothing but open field in front of him, but Carr back peddled under the pressure, throwing it short and incomplete. That was potentially a touchdown pass lost.

On the final drive, with the Raiders looking to run time off the clock, Newhouse was beaten to give up a tackle for loss on a run stuff.

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