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Oakland vs Washington: Buying and Selling

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Riding high as one of just 10 undefeated teams left in football, the Raiders travel to Washington for Sunday Night Football

NFL: New York Jets at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Primetime, baby — time to see what these Raiders are made of.

While not their toughest test of the season, a trip to Washington to play their football team on Sunday night is far from something the Raiders can sleep through. At 1-1, the team from Washington is coming off of a seven-point win over the Rams in Los Angeles.

So, with a primetime date for football on the line, whose stock are we buying and selling?


Derek Carr

This one could be an easy one every week, but this week is especially tasty given how bad the opponent has been at defending the pass. Having faced the top two quarterbacks from the 2016 NFL Draft, Washington has allowed 538 passing yards and three passing touchdowns already.

Jordan Reed

If healthy (and this is a major ‘if’ at this point in the week), Reed is one of the top tight ends in the league — and despite what the Jets’ tight ends might tell you, the Raiders still haven’t proven they can stop the tight end.

Khalil Mack

Just feels like a big night on a big stage for the league’s best defensive player. After getting his first sack of the season in Week 2, look for Mack to take advantage of a Washington front that has allowed six sacks already this season.

Chris Thompson

If Rob Kelley is unable to go on Sunday (he’s currently listed as ‘day-to-day’), Thompson scares me a bit. As a little scat-back, Thompson had 106 yards on just six touches last week and could be lethal as a receiver out of the backfield.

Amari Cooper

We’re due for an Amari Cooper night, right? Just feels right to me. Coop is a bigger, better version of Nelson Agholor who blew up for the Eagles with 6 catches for 86 yards and a touchdown in the season opener in Washington.


Zach Brown

Not that he’s not a good player, and not that I’m not bitter the Raiders didn’t sign him (I am), but this week I’m selling his mouth. Really? As a linebacker, you’re going to tempt Derek Carr, Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper? Psh.

Kirk Cousins

With four fumbles and a pick to his name just two weeks into the season, the opportunistic Raiders Defense could be in a for a big night on Sunday.