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Watch: Derek Carr’s music video ad is here

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After teasing it for months, the video ad featuring Derek Carr in a righteous jean jacket is here. So, for those of you who were eagerly awaiting it, your wait is over.

This video may be a bit disappointing for those of you thinking Derek might actually SING in the music video instead of just mouthing the words. But it’s fun none the less.

Obviously, it’s an ad for EECU bank with which Derek and his brother David have been doing ads for some time.

“Obviously, everyone is talking about the commercial and that’s great because it’s for the credit union,” said Derek, “it’s for the bank, bringing awareness to them and all the work that they do with the teachers there in the Central Valley. That is our end goal. Obviously, people get to laugh along the way. But just to bring the awareness, if I have to wear something silly to do that, it’s alright.”

“It literally took us a couple of hours. That’s it,” Carr said of the filming schedule. “All of the takes were because I kept laughing. I couldn’t even take myself serious because they had the TV prompter so I could see it, and I couldn’t even take myself serious. But it was good. It was fun because every commercial we do with them, all we want to do is, the end goal is we want people to laugh. And if they laugh at me for it, that’s good, that’s what we want. I laughed at myself, so it’s all good with me.”