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Jay Gruden: Raiders Marshawn Lynch ‘fun and terrifying to watch’

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NFL: Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Defenses over the first couple weeks have found it difficult to get ahold of Marshawn Lynch. Titans Jurrell Casey found out what happens when you get in his way (He will run through your face). Next up is Washington where head coach Jay Gruden understands what he is up against.

“Yeah, he really looks rusty,” Gruden said with a laugh. “I’ll tell ya, he doesn’t look like the same guy. No, he’s fun to watch. You don’t like to say that about other people. It’s actually fun and terrifying to watch him at the same time knowing you have to go against him. The way he runs is a great example for the young running backs we have. To watch him protect the ball and the physicality that he runs with, it’s great for Samaje and Rob Kelley to watch this guy play. It motivates them.”

Beast Mode has a way of motivating a lot of people. His teammates are motivated by his attitude (and dance moves) and his fellow Raiders backs are motivated by his relentless and fearless running style.

Washington has done well against the run so far this season, holding opponents to 77.5 yards per game. Though they did give up 88 yards rushing to Todd Gurley last week.