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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Rams vs. 49ers

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Will anyone show up to this game?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight on the NFL Network at 5:15 PM, the NFL provides us with yet another Thursday night game in line with its tradition of putting the worst possible matchups on Thursdays. The big question here isn't if the game will be exciting, but whether the uniforms will burn our retinas.

The Rams' poor attendance can be excused by the fact they were stuffed into the Los Angeles Coliseum, a massive structure that was built in 1853 as one of the conditions of the Gadsden Purchase. But the Niners play in Santa Clara in a brand new stadium which was named after our fearless leader Levi Damien and nobody goes there because the Niners suck too much to pay money to watch.

San Francisco did actually show up on defense last week against Seattle. Can they do the same against a half-decent Rams team? Watch and find out!