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NFL week 3 game picks predictions, week 2 results

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Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Week three is upon us and the staff has made their picks. Week 2 was a solid week for our predictions. Myself and Chris led the pack with 12-4 marks and everyone had winning records. There were seven unanimous picks and we nailed all seven, including the Raiders over the Jets.

This week we have nine* unanimous picks, including the Raiders winning Sunday night in Washington. Other across the board picks include the Rams tonight, Falcons, Broncos, Patriots, Dolphins, Steelers, Packers, Chiefs, and Raiders*.

Apparently I’m the rogue prognosticator, as I am the only one who picked the Vikings to beat the Bucs and the Cards to take down the Boys. We’ll see if that pays off for me or I go down in flames.

Here are the picks for this week (click the week 3 tab).

*RDreamer’s pick for the Raiders game will be revealed in his Friday Foretelling.

As for the community, ‘LIvingLegnd’ is ‘Living’ up to his name so far, with 14 correct picks to take the top overall spot. AlzadoKnows is right on his heels along with ‘Show me your TD’s’ who not only had 14 correct picks, but wins for the name that made me literally laugh out loud. Well played.

Week 2 Leaders

1 LivingLegnd 14

2 AlzadoKnows 14

3 Show me your TD's 14

4 EastCoastRaiderFan 13

5 Fizzy Lifting Drinks 13

6 Demnes 12

7 FiteClub 12

8 AustexRaider 12

9 UnRec'able 12

10 Adds99 12

Overall Leaders

1 LivingLegnd 25

2 AlzadoKnows 24

3 Show me your TD's 24

4 EastCoastRaiderFan 23

5 Fizzy Lifting Drinks 23

6 Demnes 23

7 FiteClub 23

8 AustexRaider 23

9 UnRec'able 22

10 Adds99 22