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Raiders Amari Cooper denies Josh Norman’s account that he talked trash Sunday

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Who to believe? (this isn’t hard)

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

In the NFL there are two types of players; there are the ones who talk trash and the ones who don’t. Josh Norman is in the former category and after Washington’s big win over the Raiders Sunday night, he was doing plenty of it.

"Don't come out here and tell me what you're going to do. Show me,” Norman told ESPN. “You're going to have to run through me to get that."

So, what exactly did the Raiders’ receivers supposedly say to him? Well, according to him, at very least, he insists Michael Crabtree said he would catch 200 yards on the day.

“Two hundred yards? He didn't catch two balls. He only caught one, huh?” Norman said of Crabtree. “So please, whatever you do, do not run your mouth if you're a wide receiver and expect to show up on Sundays, because I'm telling you, we are here and we are waiting.”

We also know Crabtree to be the type to trash talk. So, while Crabtree saying he was going to catch 200 yards on him is ridiculous, it wouldn’t be all that surprising such an exchange could have occurred.

Where it exits the realm of likelihood is Norman’s claim that Amari Cooper was trash talking.

"Whatever that young cat said, Coop, go and take it back," Norman said.

That’s a definite side eye type of claim by Norman. Coop was asked about it today and not only did he deny talking trash to Norman, but he denies being the type of player who ever talks trash.

Knowing what we know of the overly quiet and soft spoken Coop and for that matter the loud and outspoken Norman, I think it’s safe to say Coop didn’t do any trash talking and Norman is full of shit.