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NFL week 4 picks, predictions, week 3 results

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

That was one of the weirdest NFL weeks I can recall. At least the Sunday games, anyway. From the first game in the wee hours of the morning from London to the Sunday Night debacle in Washington, it was a strange one.

Raise your hand if you saw the Jaguars putting a 44-7 whoopin’ on the Ravens to go to 2-1? Put your damn hands down. None of you did. We certainly didn’t. Though a tip of the hat goes to Jeff who picked the Jags to win it. He was the only one on the staff to make that pick.

Jeff and Chris led the staff this week with 10-6 marks. And surprisingly only Marcus had a losing record — the first of the season for any of the staff #Milestone.

We all picked the Patriots to beat the Texans, and they should have lost. The Texans were one yard and/or one dropped interception away from sealing that game. But as is often the case, the Patriots borrowed some of that magic from selling their soul to Satan in order to drive for the win.

The Bears beat the Steelers even after having blocked a kick right into the arms of a player who ran it back 83 yards only to inexplicably stop running before the goal line, get the ball swatted away for a safety. One of the most bizarre plays I have ever seen.

Aaron Rodgers needed overtime to come back and beat the friggin’ Bengals.

Both the Broncos and the Raiders were removed from the ranks of the undefeated by the Bills and Washington respectively. The latter being a complete face plant by the Raiders.

This week the Raiders and Broncos get to face each other to see whose loss last Sunday was a fluke. The staff seems to think the Raiders will rebound. Buncha damn homers all of you. Maybe RaiderDamus’s pick Friday will bring us back to earth.

Barring his call, there are nine unanimous picks this week. We were 5-4 on our unanimous picks last week, but again... weird, weird week.

As for the community, there were six of you who matches our staff’s best of 10 wins, but alas no one could do better.

1 brett_jv 10

2 dafe2cat 10

3 Mooniac 10

4 RaiderSinn 10

5 Montana Raider 10

6 Elmattador 10

And your overall leaderboard as it stands now with AustexRaider, AlzadoKnows, and LivingLegnd leading the way with one game better than our staff’s best:

1 AustexRaider 32

2 AlzadoKnows 32

3 LivingLegnd 32

4 dafe2cat 31

5 Raidersince87 31

6 Riglord 31

7 ED35 31

8 FiteClub 31

9 Demnes 31

10 EastCoastRaiderFan 31