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Raiders claim no players on waivers, that’s not good

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The waiver claims have been made. There were a total of 44 of them made. None of whom went to the Raiders. This according to Adam Caplan.

That’s not to say the Raiders didn’t try to claim anyone. But being 24 in the waiver order made it much more difficult for the players they wanted to get through the 23 teams ahead of them. For instance, the Browns claimed five players, as did the Colts.

The hope was that at very least they could claim an inside linebacker to help with their current shaky unit of four players with two second year players (Cory James, Tyrell Adams) and two rookies (Marquel Lee, Nicholas Morrow).

But that didn’t happen, so they must either go with the guys they got or keep looking.

Once again the name Perry Riley Jr comes to mind. He was the Raiders’ starting middle linebacker last year who the team didn’t bring back and who, for reasons unknown, is still available as a free agent.

Or they could wait for the players who get cut to make room for the 44 waiver claims that were made by other teams and see what shakes out.