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Raiders Derek Carr 32nd in NFL in passer rating under pressure, just behind Broncos Trevor Siemian

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Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Derek Carr didn’t have to endure a lot of pressure in the pocket last season. The line was arguably the best in the league, giving him time to throw. He also gets rid of the ball faster than any quarterback in football, which makes their job a lot easier.

It all adds up to his being able to play well despite not being the type of quarterback who thrives under pressure.

Anyone who watched the game in Washington on Sunday night would say that wasn’t the Raiders team we had come to know last season or the first two games of this season. And it was, by most accounts the worst game of Derek Carr’s career. Even worse than the ugly game in Kansas City last season.

Before that game, Carr’s numbers looked pretty good in most areas. According to Pro Football Focus numbers, he was top five in adjusted completion percentage, short passes, deep passes, turnover worthy throw percentage, and throwing time. But as you can see, in big time throw percentage and passer rating under pressure he was well below average.

Those numbers took a tumble after last week, especially passer rating under pressure (27.4), which he landed with a thud at 32nd in the league. His overall grade also fell from 8th to 24th, deep passes from 3rd to 25th, and turnover worthy throws from 5th to 22nd.

Last week we compared Carr’s numbers to Kirk Cousins (lotta good that did), so this week let’s look at Broncos QB Trevor Siemian.

These two are way too close for comfort in overall numbers. Though Siemian is even worse than Carr in many of Carr’s worst areas and is just one spot better than Carr in passer rating under pressure (31.5).

The only area in which Siemian blows Carr out of the water is big time throw percentage, making a big time throw 7.5% of the time to Carr’s 1.2%. Though Carr made plenty of big time throws last season and didn’t really need to make any against the Jets two weeks ago. Siemian also holds the ball a half second longer which could partially explain why he has been sacked 9 times already this season.

Siemian’s numbers aside, Carr must improve his rating under pressure numbers. The Broncos have an elite pass rusher in Von Miller and a damn good interior defensive end in Derek Wolfe. They will be giving the Raiders offensive line all they can handle and the Raiders may need Carr to make some plays under pressure.