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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Chefs vs. Patriots

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Watch the opening game of the season with us!

NFL: New York Giants at New England Patriots
“Score more points. What’s your plan?”
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, Raider fans! The 2017 regular season is finally upon us and tonight is the opening game, pitting the Kansas City Chefs against the New England Patriots. We last saw the Patriots being the beneficiaries of the biggest collapse in Super Bowl history by the hapless and eternally disappointing Atlanta Falcons.

So the Patriots won yet ANOTHER Super Bowl behind Tom Brady. Let’s all remember that without the Tuck Rule Game, Drew Bledsoe would have gotten his job back and nobody would have heard from Brady ever again. He’d basically have been T.J. Yates.

Here’s the good news about tonight’s game:

1) One of these teams has to lose.

Here’s the bad news about tonight’s game:

2) One of these teams has to win.

There’s no right answer here, there’s no good guy and bad guy. This game is two shitheels going to war, and we can only hope the cops bust in and take down the whole operation. I’m rooting for the sinkhole or, barring that, the meteor.

Tonight’s game begins at 5:30 PM Pacific Time, broadcast live on NBC. There is no streaming of this game because Amazon decided to buy the streaming rights to NFL games and make it available to ONLY Amazon Prime subscribers. As if this weren’t bad enough, they don’t even begin streaming games until Week 4.

The logo on the Raiders’ helmet is a pirate.

Enjoy the game!