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In Tennessee Raiders look to continue outstanding streak that used to be wrong kind of streak for them

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NFL: Preseason-Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You have to be pretty old to remember when the Raiders couldn’t seem to win in the Eastern Time Zone. For those who can’t remember, let’s get in the way back machine to the olden days of two thousand and fifteen.

Derek Carr was just an infant, entering his second NFL season and the Raiders were riding a 16-game losing streak in the Eastern Time Zone. That streak spanned SIX SEASONS.

It was well known in those early years that the Raiders couldn’t win away from home, let alone when they had to get up early for a game. I mean on their bodily clocks the game started at 10am! Being groggy is a real thing, you know.

As a rookie, Carr hadn’t won a road game. The Raiders went 3-13 with him as the starting QB, all of which came in Oakland. They even lost their ‘home’ game in London that year.

But Carr wasn’t alone, their streak of losses away from Oakland spanned 16-straight, back to the 2013 season while Carr was setting records at Fresno State.

Things are different now. How different? Well, the Raiders would win a road game with a 10am Pacific time start twice in the 2015 season — in Cleveland (which broke the streak) and later in Tennessee (where they open this season).

Then last season, there’s this little nugget courtesy of ESPN Stats and info:

Not only did the Raiders go 12-4 and return to the playoffs, but they were the only team in the league to go unbeaten in games that at one time were an automatic L for them.

That also means the Raiders have won six straight games with a 1pm Eastern time (10am Pacific) start with the streak starting in Tennessee in 2015, continuing in Tennessee in 2016, and with the hope that they can bring the streak to 7-straight in Tennessee on Sunday.

Oh how far they’ve come.