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Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio’s son is in the path of Hurricane Irma ‘we’ve got an eye on it’

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While Jack Del Rio is coaching the Raiders in their season opener in Tennessee, his mind might be a little bit elsewhere. A few hundred miles south in Florida.

"I'm definitely paying attention to the weather,” Del Rio said Friday. “My son is right there at Florida. It looks like a really bad storm. We're hoping that thing will take a hard right and get out in the Atlantic, but it doesn't look like that's going to be the case. We've got an eye on it. . . it's going to impact a lot of Floridians for sure."

Jack’s son Luke is a quarterback at University of Florida and it’s right in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Reports as of now have Irma still a category 5 Hurricane with winds of around 160 miles per hour when it hits the Florida Keys Sunday morning. It will reach Central Florida by Sunday night and will be passing over Gainseville Florida in the early morning hours Monday.

By the time it hits the Northern Florida area, it is still expected to be at least a category 1 hurricane with winds of around 75 miles per hour, bringing 10-15 inches of rain to the area.

The Gators’ scheduled home game Saturday against Northern Colorado has been cancelled in light of the hurricane as South and Central Florida residents head North to evacuate the most dangerous areas of the state.

The Dolphins and Buccaneers’ season opener has been rescheduled for week eleven due to the hurricane. This is said to be the largest hurricanes on record, coming right on the heels of the hurricane Harvey that ravaged Southeastern Texas.