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Watch: Derek Carr on Jon Gruden’s QB camp ‘I want you’

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2014 NFL Combine

Like any top QB prospect in the past few drafts, Derek Carr appeared on Jon Gruden’s QB camp segment on ESPN. With Gruden as reportedly taking over as head coach in Oakland, a look back on that particular segment is fun. Take a look.

Now, we know Gruden tends to stroke the egos of every QB that comes through his QB camp show. If he trashed them, that prospect’s agent wouldn’t be too happy he let his client appear on the show. That being said, there was one especially interesting exchanges.

Gruden was talking about how he was Raiders head coach when Derek’s big brother David was the top prospect in the country. He then asked who Derek would take between he and David. Derek said him and Gruden agreed.

Gruden: Are you better than him? If you’re both on the board who’re you taking?

Derek: I’m taking me. Because I’m a competitor and he’ll say the same thing. He’ll say ‘I’m taking myself’ because we are extremely confident in what we do.

Gruden: Ah, you can’t answer this politically correct. You’re not like him at all. You’re in a totally different offense in a totally different era. Your position playing style is totally different. Now, I want you. What do you say about that?

Derek: I appreciate that. You know, let’s go win some championships now.

It looks like they will both have their chance to prove it now.