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Jon Gruden will call Chiefs vs Titans Wild Card match-up this weekend for ESPN which could get awkward

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2014 Cleveland Browns Training Camp Practice

Even though everyone fully expects Jon Gruden to take the Raiders head coaching job, he is currently still an analyst for ESPN’s Monday Night Football which could present a bit of an awkward situation this week.

Gruden and the rest of the MNF crew will be calling the Wild Card game this Saturday in Kansas City between the Chiefs and the Titans. In so doing, he will be allowed access to Chiefs practices just days before he’s expected to become the head coach of the Chiefs division rivals.

It’s an usual and perhaps unprecedented situation. Making things smoother is the long time friendship Gruden has had with his old mentor, Andy Reid. But now Reid must practice a bit of gamesmanship and be extra protective of his game plan than he would normally have to be.

Gruden staying through this weekend to call this game is part of the reason he has not officially accepted the Raiders’ head coaching job yet despite the feeling that the hire is a foregone conclusion. It also means you can figure we will hear something more definitive not long after.