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Raiders lose out to Browns in bid to hire former Packers executive Eliot Wolf

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Usually it’s the Browns who lose out.

NFL Hall of Fame Induction Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

With the Packers unwilling to offer Eliot Wolf their open General Manager position, the personnel man, and son of former Packers and Raiders GM Ron Wolf, left to seek his fortunes elsewhere.

Wolf was courted by the Raiders to reunite with Reggie McKenzie, who also worked with Eliot’s father Ron Wolf in Green Bay for several years. It gave Eliot something to think about when he visited the Browns Tuesday. But in the end, Browns new GM John Dorsey didn’t let him leave. Wolf was hired today as the Assistant GM.

In the end Reggie’s push to bring him to Oakland may have simply strengthened Dorsey’s resolve that Wolf was a worthy addition to the front office.

Of late the Raiders were said to be adding an Executive Vice President of Football Operations as well as another young executive. Wolf figured to be that other young executive, so now they must look elsewhere.