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Jon Gruden’s son joining Raiders strength staff

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Levi Damien

Following Jon Gruden’s introductory press conference Tuesday, the Gruden family took the stage with Mark Davis to pose for pictures. That was Jon, his wife, and their three boys. You may have noticed his son on the end, looking like he couldn’t find a suit in his size.

That’s Jon’s oldest son, Deuce Gruden, who for the last two seasons has been on the strength staff of Jon’s brother Jay in Washington — first as an intern in 2016 and then as a full time strength and conditioning coach last season.

Now that his dad has gotten back into coaching, Deuce is headed west to join the Raiders’ staff, as he told Matt Schneidman of the Bay Area News Group.

And if you’re wondering why his suit doesn’t look like it quite fits, it’s because he is a power lifter. Here is a video feature that was done on him in June of last year.