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Breaking: Rich Gannon will not be taking Raiders QB coach job

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Raiders introduce new coach John Gruden Hector Amezcua/Sacramento Bee/TNS via Getty Images

With the very first reports of Jon Gruden returning as Raiders head coach were accompanying rumors that Rich Gannon would be joining him as QB coach. Wednesday he said clearly that he will not to be taking the position.

Gannon spoke with Gruden Wednesday morning — the day after attending his introductory press conference — and told him of his decision.

“I really came to my senses probably on the flight up there yesterday to go to the press conference,” Gannon told Bay Area Radio station 95.7 The Game. “And (I) just realized to work alongside Jon Gruden, it takes a special person. It takes a person with great energy and passion, commitment, and more importantly, time and I didn’t think it would be fair to myself, my family or even to Jon not to either be all in with him, and so, we talked this morning. I think he understood that. I think he probably knew that before we even really (talked). He knows me as well as anybody. So, I won’t be doing that.”

He went on to say he will still be around the team but only in an advisory position, though not in an on-field capacity. He will be remaining as a CBS analyst and in that can’t offer the time commitment to be any kind of official consultant.

“I’m not naive,” said Gannon. “You can’t just pop in and pop out and think that you’re going to be effective. We haven’t really talked specifics and I had to think about... look it makes no sense to me to roll into town for two days during minicamp when I haven’t been in the quarterback meeting room and I haven’t been to quarterback orientation and I’ve missed all the installs and all of the sudden as Jon’s coaching and Gregs coaching and different people are coaching to interject. That doesn’t make any sense.”

That means Jon Gruden must look elsewhere to fill the vacant QB coach job. Then again with he and Greg Olson there, they may not even need a QB coach.