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Raiders reportedly interview former Cardinals Offensive Coordinator for Offensive Line coach

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Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Tuesday Jon Gruden said the interviews for position coaches would begin Wednesday morning. He wasn’t kidding. By noon there was already word the team had held an interview with former Cardinals Offensive Coordinator Harold Goodwin to be the team’s offensive line coach. This according to Kent Somers of AZ Central.

As Somers notes, Goodwin’s offensive line unit suffered a lot of injuries last season. That could at least partially explain why the Cardinals’ rushing attack fell to 30th in the league in yards and 28th in touchdowns after being among the league’s best rushing attacks the previous two seasons.

Goodwin spent the past five seasons as the OC for Bruce Arians with the Cardinals. Prior to that he had spent the previous nine years as an offensive line assistant for the Bears (2004-06) and Steelers (2007-11) and Colts in 2012 which was his only NFL season as an Offensive Line Coach.

He ran an offense in Arizona that relied heavily on zone blocking.