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Raiders continue search to fill Offensive Line coach position

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New England Patriots Practice Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Two of the more important position coach jobs are those charged with the big men in the trenches. Those jobs have yet to be filled and the Raiders are doing their due diligence in finding their man. Offensive line is receiving early attention with the second reported interview now reportedly set.

Wednesday it was former Cardinals OC Harold Goodwin who interviewed for the open position. Thursday the Raiders are reported to have received permission from the Dolphins to interview Dave DeGuglielmo, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rappoport.

Guglielmo has been a coach at the NFL level for the past 14 years and has held the offensive line coach title in the NFL for seven years doing a tour of the AFC East as an OL coach on the Jets (2012), Patriots (2014-15), and two stints the Dolphins (2009-11, 17). He has two Super Bowl rings as a coach from his time as an Assistant OL coach with the Giants (2011) and as an OL coach with the Patriots (2014).