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NFL playoff picks, predictions: Divisional round bracket update

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NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

The playoffs kick into high gear starting today at 1:35 pm Pacific with the Falcons in Philadelphia, followed by the Titans in New England at 5:15pm and continue through Sunday with the Jaguars in Pittsburgh with a 10:05am kickoff followed by the Saints in Minnesota (where all these teams hope to be in a few weeks) at 1:40pm.

Last weekend was the Wild Card opening round which saw the Chiefs do their annual disappearing act and the Rams lose while complaining about a lack of true home field advantage (No shit? Imagine that).

Now the top seeds will take the field for the first time to face those Wild Card winners and we have our picks ready. No one on the staff had a perfect opening weekend, but everyone is still very much in it with all predicted conference champions still in play. We’ll see if that continues after this weekend.

Correction: There was an error initially in this writeup, listing Daniel’s Super Bowl pick as the Rams instead of Patriots.

The community brackets featured two perfect opening weekends. Shout out to ‘Harvey Williams’ Neck’ and ‘Show me your TD’s’ for their Wild Card perfection and clever names.

Keep in mind, things could turn quickly in the Divisional round. Those Wild Card wins will only help out if they can keep up the correct picks heading into the Conference Championship games. That’s when we can start looking at the top community brackets in a bit more detail. Until then you can just laugh at the staff’s terrible picks.