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2018 NFL playoff picks, predictions: Conference Championship bracket contest update

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NFL Preseason: Jacksonville Jaguars Vs. New England Patriots At Gillette Stadium Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Conference Championship games are upon us. Both games will be played this Sunday. Starting with the AFC Championship game featuring the Jaguars at Patriots at noon Pacific (3pm Eastern) followed by the NFC Championship game featuring the Vikings at the Eagles.

That’s not exactly the lineup any of the staff predicted in our brackets. Though everyone has at least one team still in the running for the Super Bowl, and two of us — myself and RDreamer — have both of our Super Bowl teams still alive. But with RDreamer’s outstanding bracket, that means I have literally no chance to win it.

What’s kinda funny is we are also the two who have the Vikings winning on their home field over the Patriots. Daniel and Ryan have the Patriots winning* another Super Bowl. Join us in booing Daniel and Ryan and rooting against that outcome.

As for the community, there are three brackets currently in the running to win it all — RaidersJB, RaiderBorn, and RAIDERSINN.

Each of them has three of the four Championship game participants correct.

RaiderJB has just two incorrect picks the entire playoffs so far, and continuing with the Patriots and Vikings winning this weekend and the Patriots winning the Super Bowl.

RaiderBorn is the only one to have the Eagles heading to the Super Bowl to face the Patriots with the Patriots winning.

RAIDERSINN had a rough first weekend, but has rebounded as the only one with the Jaguars in the Conference Championship, picking the Vikings to win the Super Bowl over the Patriots.

No one had the Jaguars heading to the Super Bowl or the Eagles winning it, but someone will claim their T-shirt regardless of what happens.

Good luck, guys.

(And, bracket be damned, Go Jags!)