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Raiders week 17 report card vs Chargers: Another blowout costs Del Rio

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The season was over and there was nothing to play for other than pride and keeping a division opponent out of the playoffs. Naturally the Raiders lost 10-30 and within 15 minutes Head Coach Jack Del Rio was let go. Most thought he would get another year but Jon Gruden came knocking on Mark Davis’s door and everything went out the window.

Passing Offense

In a game for pride Derek Carr had a better game than most of the season but still came up short when it mattered most. The Raiders were driving with a chance to get back in it and Derek Carr threw an easy interception to a double covered Johnny Holton. Carr has too much trust in his receivers if he believed Holton was winning a 50/50 ball over that secondary.

Grade: C

Overall he was 19/28 243 yards 1 TD and 1 INT with a QB rating of 91.8 but the offense still was far too stagnant. The passing game again was just not able to get it done when it mattered and for some reason benched Michael Crabtree to try and make things better, horrible decision. With now another Offensive Coordinator coming in Carr will be learning yet another offense in his young career, the young man needs stability.

Rushing Offense

Marshawn Lynch again carried the offense putting up 19 carries for 101 yards and a very good 5.3 yards per carry despite little running room at times. Unfortunately in what may be his last game in Oakland Lynch had no help on offense and the Raiders managed a paltry 10 points. It’s been said before but one more time won’t hurt, letting Bill Musgrave walk was a significant reason Jack Del Rio is no longer the Head Coach.

Grade: A+

Lynch was outstanding and put up great numbers and became only the 31st player in NFL history to reach 10,000 rushing yards. Even more so he did it with almost no help from the passing game this year as Todd Downing crippled the offense. If Downing wasn’t high on Andy Reid’s thank you list I would be shocked.

Pass Defense

Philip Rivers destroyed the Raiders to the tune of 28/37 387 yards and 3 TD’s and a QB rating of 135.8. So much for the Pagano Effect as Rivers averaged 10.5 yards per pass attempt. In other words he averaged more than a first down per attempt while Keenan Allen went off for 133 yards and a TD.

Grade: F

The secondary is in trouble and nobody on the roster with a S or CB next to their name should feel safe about their roster spot. Karl Joseph was injured during the game and Shalom Luani filled in but did his best Reggie Nelson impression and was also burnt deep. The effort was pathetic and at the end of the day the Head Coach lost his job as a result.

Rush Defense

Melvin Gordon racked up 93 yards on 17 carries for a 5.5 ypc average in an effort that the Raiders clearly mailed in. All signs point to the Raiders having been done with the season and just checked the box in this game. A change of coaches will be most welcome as it was clear Jack Del Rio lost the team.

Grade: F

This was a no heart effort and it showed. Fans deserved better and didn’t get it but the upside is they will flip a coin for either the 9th or 10th overall draft pick in 2018. There is the silver lining, beyond that there is none in what will be one of the most disappointing seasons of all time.

Special Teams

Special Teams led by Marquette King and Giorgio Tavecchio did enough to get the win. King at one point punted an absolute gem that bounced in bounds and then out at the 12 yard mark only to watch the defense allow a 99 12 yard drive for a score. Kings punt was one that goes unnoticed mostly but was one of the best punts anyone will see ever.

Grade: B-

The grade drops a bit because Johnny Holton let a ball hit him while on coverage, turning that ball into a live ball that luckily went out of bounds. Holton has had an awful year but still seems to get playing time despite leading the team in turnovers. The Raiders have some soul searching to do this off-season if they want to be more than just a team with talent.


The coaches job was on the line and Jack Del Rio promptly came out and was blown out by 20 by a division foe. That’s all that needs to be said about this game and really the season. The coaches were clearly outmatched and refused to change their approach and it will cost them all their jobs.

Grade: F

Last game of the season with jobs on the line and you get blown out by 20 by a division opponent? That’s all you need to know about this grade. The Raiders need a coach that is going to hold guys to a higher standard and get the best out of them.

Jack Del Rio did a great job of coming into a horrible situation and turning the team around but it was clear he was out of his depth after that. He deserved better than how he was let go but he handled it with absolute class. Thank you Jack for your time in Oakland and your efforts but unfortunately it was the right call to move on.