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2018 East-West Shrine Game open thread

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East West Shrine Game Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Greetings, Raider fans! While most NFL fans are gearing up for the conference championships tomorrow, the scouting departments from all the teams are watching a [air of college games today. The first of these is the East-West Shrine Game from St. Petersburg, FL.

In a game like this, the actual game is often secondary to the week of practices. It’s there that the teams can really scout the talent and see who has the mettle to make it in the league. A few guys who have really impressed this week are Alberta OL Matt Korte (who will probably convert to center in the NFL), Wagner tackle Greg Senat and Army tackle Brett Toth.

The Shrine Game is a great opportunity for overlooked prospects from smaller schools to make a name for themselves and show off for scouts. Memphis QB Riley Ferguson is the star quarterback in this game, and will look to show that he deserves high consideration in the upcoming draft as did his predecessor, Broncos QB Paxton Lynch.

Also look out for Stanford alum, Ozmataz Buckshank, who could surprise with his superior length.

The Shrine Game can be seen on the NFL Network beginning at noon Pacific.