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Looks like Raiders QB Derek Carr could be headed to 2018 Pro Bowl after all

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New England Patriots v Oakland Raiders Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

By most standards Derek Carr did not have a good season in 2017. He had numbers that were his worst since his rookie season when the team went 3-13. He had his fewest passing yards (3496) of the past three years, fewest touchdowns (22), most interceptions (13), and passer rating (86.4) among other things. And the result was the Raiders finished 6-10, losing their last four games of the season.

Despite that, it looks like Derek Carr could be headed back to the Pro Bowl in Orlando Florida on January 28.

Carr was a second alternate for the Pro Bowl, behind Alex Smith. Smith has already gotten the call, replacing Philip Rivers who opted out due to injury.

The man Carr would replace is Tom Brady. And at this point, that looks highly likely to happen. Either Brady will opt out by making the Super Bowl or he will opt out with the injured finger he suffered in practice last week.

That means basically regardless of what happens Sunday between the Patriots and Jaguars, Brady will need to be replaced. Carr is the next up and if for whatever reason he turned it down, next up would be Titans QB Marcus Mariota as the third alternate.

Making the Pro Bowl as a quarterback just doesn’t mean as much as it used to. Every year they end up digging into the second and third alternates, which means if you were even above average during the season, you could be headed to the Pro Bowl. But that doesn’t change the line on your resume or the bonus money for it.

The Raiders have five other alternates. They are LB NaVorro Bowman, G Gabe Jackson, P Marquette King, RB Marshawn Lynch and KR Cordarrelle Patterson. None of whom have a player at their position on one of the conference championship teams, making it unlikely they would get the call.