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NFL 2018 playoff picks, predictions: Super Bowl bracket contest update

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The Super Bowl hasn’t been played and we already have a winner in our bracket contest.

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Hello, everyone. Just one more game left in this year’s playoffs. It’s the Super Bowl. As we do each year, we play our predictions like a NCAA bracket, where you have to make your picks for the whole thing before a game is played.

Now with the Conference Championships behind us, we head to our Super Bowl predictions. All of the staff had the Patriots making it to the Super Bowl. Daniel and Ryan had them winning it. Where that puts us is if the Patriots win the Super Bowl, Ryan’s bracket wins. If the Eagles win the Super Bowl, RDreamer’s bracket wins.

Those picks are just for bragging rights or some such. The community’s best wins a T-shirt. And before the game is even played, we already have a winner.

Champion: RaiderBorn

RaiderBorn’s bracket had just three incorrect picks through the Conference Championship. It was also the only bracket with the Eagles and Patriots in the Super Bowl, which is the main reason it is the winner.

Here is that winning bracket:

Wildcard round winners

AFC team Chiefs

AFC team Jaguars

NFC team Rams

NFC team Saints

Divisional round winners

AFC team Patriots

AFC team Steelers

NFC team Eagles

NFC team Vikings

Conference champs

AFC team Patriots

NFC team Eagles

Super Bowl champs

Team Patriots

Nice work, RaiderBorn. I will be contacting you to get the info on where to send your free T-shirt. And hopefully after next week, you’ll have one more incorrect pick.