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Watch: Raiders QB Derek Carr sets new record to win Precision Passing competition at Pro Bowl Skills Showdown

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NFL: Pro Bowl Skills Showdown Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The last quarterback to receive an invite to the 2018 Pro Bowl was Raiders trigger man, Derek Carr. And in the first event in the 2018 Pro Bowl, Derek Carr was the first to show he was worthy of the honor.

The first event of the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown was the Precision Passing. Former Cal Bear and second year Rams QB Jared Goff stepped up first. He scored 20 points which matched last year’s winner, Philip Rivers, for the best score.

Since last year was the first year of the Pro Bowl, Rivers held the record. Well, not anymore.

Derek Carr then stepped up and took the record by scoring 21 points in his set.

Carr started by going for the deep corners worth 4 points each. Then he nailed the toughest targets - the moving small deep targets which are worth 5 points. A couple three-point targets and a two point target gave him the record.

Russell Wilson followed that up by scoring 8 points (ouch) and Alex Smith finished things off with an 11-point round.

The Skills Showdown is easily the best part of the Pro Bowl. Though that’s not saying a whole lot.