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Watch: Marcus Allen tells hilarious story about having no parking pass and ditching rental car for Super Bowl XVIII

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The Julius Erving Golf Classic Presented by Delta Air Lines With Cocktails Presented by Tanqueray No. TEN. Produced by PGD Global Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images for PGD Global

As we approach Super Bowl LII, past Super Bowls are remembered. And sometimes there are some little known stories that emerge. Raiders Super Bowl XVIII MVP Marcus Allen recently told a pretty funny story that I know I had not heard before about pulling up to the stadium for the game, being turned away, and having to take drastic measures.

The run from the car to Tampa Stadium for the game acted as a nice warm-up for Allen’s all-time great 74-yard cutback touchdown run in the game. That play was recently voted by fans as the Raiders best ever Super Bowl moment.

Allen also set a then record 191 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns in the game. The Raiders would rout Washington 38-9 to claim their third Super Bowl title. Little did we know 34 years later, we’d be looking back on that game as the last time the Raiders would hoist the trophy.