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First Raiders coach finds new job as Sal Sunseri heads to Florida

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Oakland Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers

It took just three days for one of the Raiders coaches to find work elsewhere. Linebackers Coach Sal Sunseri heads back to the college ranks to join the staff at the University of Florida, according to SI’s Bruce Feldman.

With Del Rio’s firing Sunday night, his staff was not let go, but allowed to seek employment elsewhere.

Sunseri was hired as the linebackers coach on Jack Del Rio’s staff out of Florida State where he was as defensive ends coach. Prior to that he was Defensive Coordinator at Tennessee and prior to that Linebackers coach at Alabama.

The Raiders job was just Sunseri’s second stint as an NFL coach. He had previously spent seven years with the Carolina Panthers as a defensive line coach from 2002-08. Compare to his extensive experience at the college ranks dating back to his first job as a defensive line/linebackers coach at Pittsburgh in 1985. So, he’s clearly quite comfortable coaching college players.