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What’s your favorite Super Bowl recipe and/or snack?

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I have a suggestion.

The Original Snackadium

Most of you will be spending next Sunday in front of a TV watching the Super Bowl with various food items in front of you. Some of those food items are probably staples. As in, it wouldn’t be Super Bowl Sunday without them. I’d love to hear what those are in the comments. I’ll give you a couple ideas of what I think would make for a nice little spread. And mine are pretty easy.

If the thought of what food items you’ll have seems like a difficult proposition, these ideas are for you.

If you have a Trader Joe’s in your area, this gets really easy, but most grocery stores will have similar items.

Chili con queso

This has two ingredients - Chili and cheese.

Trader Joe’s has either vegetarian chili, turkey chili, or beef chili (99% fat free but you’d never know it cuz it’s amazing). Add a 12 pound of either jalapeno pub cheese or a pouch of shredded cheddar cheese. You can either microwave for 3 minutes or heat up on the stovetop. Serve with their corn chip dippers (basically Frito’s Scoops but better).

It’s not exactly a secret family recipe, but it’s awesome and if you hadn’t thought of it and need something easy, this is your answer.

Trader Joe’s doesn’t pay me to say this stuff, but they’re basically party central. Five layer dip, tortilla chips, buffalo wings, meatballs, pigs in a blanket...(drool)... Writing this article hungry was probably ill advised.

If you’re hosting the party, you can even get one of those nifty Snackadiums (pictured above) to serve it in.