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Along with Jon Gruden hire, Raiders to reportedly make some front office changes

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San Francisco 49ers v Oakland Raiders

One of the big questions since the news first broke that Jon Gruden would be coming back as head coach of the Raiders is what that meant for Reggie McKenzie and how would the power dynamic be between the two of them.

Friday, with the news that the Raiders will be holding their press conference to announce Gruden as their next head coach, some details about McKenzie’s status as well as other front office moves came to light.

First of all, McKenzie is staying as GM. Secondly, the Raiders will be adding a couple more front office execs, according to Jason La Canfora.

It would stand to reason we could learn of who these new front office personnel will be at the same press conference they announce the Gruden hiring. Just one big announcement with Gruden as the centerpiece of it all. Like turning a page to a new regime.