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Jon Gruden to get record 10-year $100 million deal, Raiders to have highest paid coaching staff in NFL history

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New Orleans Saints v Oakland Raiders

With a payday like the one Jon Gruden is getting from the Raiders, there was no need for Mark Davis to have offered any kind of ownership stake as was first reported. New reports have him signing a staggering $100 million deal over ten years.

This deal sets all kinds of records. It’s not only the longest deal ever for a head coach, but at $10 million per season average, it makes him the league’s highest paid coach.

But it doesn’t end there.

Each coach on his staff is expected to sign 4-year deals — up from the standard 3-year deals — making this the most expensive staff in NFL history, according to Ian Rapoport.

If there was any doubt just how badly Mark Davis wanted Jon Gruden to be the Raiders head coach, this deal says definitively that he wanted him REALLY bad. And perhaps it was details like that which were necessary to get him to leave his job with ESPN.

And if you toss in the some $17 million he’s paying Jack Del Rio not to coach the team, that’s even more serious coin.