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Watch: Sean McDonough says farewell to Jon Gruden on ESPN broadcast of Wild Card game in Kansas City

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As one half of ESPN’s broadcast of the Wild Card game in Kansas City between the Chiefs and Titans, Sean McDonough wasted no time in addressing what everyone was thinking. Right at the top of the broadcast, after introducing the two of them, he spoke for ESPN in wishing Jon Gruden a farewell from the Monday Night Football booth.

Gruden is expected to accept a record 10-year, $100 million deal to be the Raiders’ next head coach in the coming days.

McDonough: “It’s an emotional and bittersweet day for our Monday Night Football family as today we say goodbye to coach Gruden after 9 very distinguished years, coach, in this Monday Night Football group. Great legacy on Monday Night Football. Not only have you lived up to it, you’ve enhanced it with your performance here.

“But I know you’re looking forward to getting back to coaching. We congratulate you as you head back to the sidelines with the Raiders.”

Gruden: “Well, thank you. Nothing’s official yet, but these Chiefs fans have been on my case since I got here. What a great place for a big game.”

For what it’s worth, Gruden won his last three games at Arrowhead as Raiders head coach.

Update: They gave him one final, proper send-off at the end of the game. See that here.

Then I saw this and it’s too funny not to share.