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Watch: ESPN MNF broadcast team gives Jon Gruden final proper send-off... with Charles Woodson shouting ‘Welcome home, Jon. Go Raiders!’ after Chiefs loss at Arrowhead

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NFL: AFC Wild Card-Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

From the moment this game began, Sean McDonough didn’t dance around the fact that Jon Gruden was leaving the Monday Night Football broadcast team to return as Raiders head coach.

McDonough said his primary goodbyes to begin the broadcast, then brought it up a few times during the game, even though it was clear Gruden was not going to address it himself before or during the game.

The game was one worth watching. The Chiefs jumped out to a 21-3 lead only to have the Titans come back to win 22-21. It’s shades of 2013 when the Chiefs went up 38-10 over the Colts only to lose 45-44. Chiefs are gonna Chiefs.

Once the game was over, come the waterworks.

McDonough got understandably choked up in saying what was his final goodbye to Gruden as the broadcast came to a close. It wasn’t so somber for Charles Woodson who saved his message for last.

McDonough: Coach, as we wrap this one up, all of us last night in our production meeting got a chance to tell you what we think about you and how much you’ve meant to us and to Monday Night Football and uh (chocked up)... What a great way to send you off, appropriately so. Good luck with the Oakland Raiders.”

Gruden: Thank you. It’s been a great run

McDonough: It’s gonna be tough for a lot of us to be impartial. We go into those production meetings and see you next year. Alright Lisa...Suzy, Suzy, take it away.”

Kolber: We echo those thoughts, Sean. Best of luck to Jon and...

Woodson: Welcome home, Jon! Welcome home, Gruden. Go Raiders!

Interesting fact: The last four times Jon Gruden has been at Arrowhead as Raiders head coach, the Chiefs have lost. With it being a place Derek Carr has never won, that’s something the Raiders hope can continue.