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Raiders announce Jon Gruden to be officially introduced as next head coach Tuesday

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Gruden’s introductory press conference is set.

Mark Sanchez Press Conference Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

Not long after Jon Gruden had finished his last broadcast, the Raiders made the official announcement that the press conference to introduce him as their next head coach will take place Tuesday at noon at their Alameda facility.

Even with his ESPN cohorts wishing him well before and after the game, Gruden wouldn’t let on that the deal with the Raiders was official. In fact, he said specifically that it wasn’t...yet.

Well, now it is.

Early reports had him flying to Oakland on Monday where he would ‘interview’ for the job and would have his press conference on Tuesday. Gruden is probably reluctant to say it’s official until he has put pen to paper and is sitting at the table in front of the trophies to make the announcement.

The paper he will be putting pen to will be a contract paying him $100 million over 10 years which is the largest contract by any head coach in NFL history.