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Jon Gruden on return to the Raiders: ‘I love the city of Oakland’

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Oakland Raiders Introduce Jon Gruden Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When the Oakland Raiders got approved to move the franchise to Las Vegas in March of 2017, owner Mark Davis knew he would have to make a splash to keep ticket sales and interest in the team high for the move to Vegas to be successful.

As such, Davis signed running back Marshawn Lynch in hopes to excite the Oakland fan base. However, that move seemed to backfire a little since Lynch started the season slow and may not have been the best locker room presence.

Davis seems to have struck gold on his second attempt to make amends with the Bay Area by hiring Jon Gruden to return and coach the Silver and Black. Early in the press conference, Gruden made it clear that one of his main reasons to return was to bring joy to the city of Oakland before the team leaves for Sin City.

“I love the city of Oakland,” Gruden said during Tuesday’s introductory press conference. “I had a son here. Some of my great memories in life are in Oakland. I want to give them two of the best years of football that I can possibly help deliver. And I love the Raiders.”

Gruden continued to bring up his love for Oakland a few more times, with his patented scowl, and made a concerted effort to bring up the Black Hole.

“A big reason I am here is my passion for the city of Oakland and this franchise,” He cointinued. “People in the Black Hole, if you are out there listening, I can’t wait to see you guys man. I really can’t. I’d like to fill that place with Raiders fans at least seven or eight more times. That’s all I care about right now.”

The excitement Gruden possessed is obvious. He radiated passion when answering questions at the press conference and each time he talked about the Black Hole and Oakland.

One thing is also clear based upon the social media reactions since the hiring was suspected to take place. The city of Oakland and Raider Nation loves Gruden just like Gruden loves the city.

Gruden and the Raiders seem to be the perfect match to make sure the last few years in Oakland are not lame duck years at all as Gruden still carries the charisma and passion that made him a fan favorite during his first stint under Al Davis.

This time around, there seems to be no doubt that Gruden will bring something special to the city of Oakland once again.