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What players and coaches are saying ahead of Raiders, Seahawks week 6 match up

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NFL: Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

With a 1-4 record, the 2018 Oakland Raiders season is officially on life support. A loss on Sunday would all but diminish any hope left of a playoff run. It’s not often teams that start 1-5 make the playoffs, not to say it can’t happen but it would take a monumental turn around in the final 10 games of the season.

The Raiders will head to London this week to take on the Seattle Seahawks. This will be the Raiders fourth international game in four years. The last Raiders trip over the pond came in 2014, when they were embarrassed 38-14 by the Miami Dolphins.

Let’s see what players and coaches from both teams are saying about this week’s match up.

Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson, on what the offense needs to do to put together a complete offensive game.

“The Cleveland game is a great example, to me, of complementary football – really with defense, offense and special teams and players playing together. The receivers in that game, they complemented each other. But we’d like to think the run game will complement the pass game and vice versa and try to get all of those guys involved in it. The more we get involved in it and the more we can spread the football around both in the run game and the pass game, then certainly the more explosive type offense and we’d like to see the scoring go up because of that. I think if we can find ways, offensively, to spread the football around and be more balanced in terms of who’s got the touches and where the targets are going to, I think you’d see a more explosive offense.”

Wide receiver Jordy Nelson, on the Seahawk defense.

“You don’t recognize the names, as they’ve had in the past. They still have playmakers, they have some younger guys but some very athletic guys that can make plays. I have some experience against them the last couple years so obviously we look forward to the opportunity. It’s definitely not something we can go out there and just make it easy, we are going to have to be assignment sound, execute, do our job, and hopefully make the plays that come our way.”

Defensive tackle Maurice Hurst, on the Seahawks running game.

“Yea, I mean all these guys run extremely hard. They use like three or four backs so you gotta be ready for all of them, they’ll be fresh throughout the game. They put a strong emphasis on being able to run the ball so I think that’s our first priority is stopping the run and Russell Wilson.”

Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll, on facing Marshawn Lynch.

“I’ve been very impressed with Marshawn’s return to the game, I could’ve never known he’d come back so fit and continue to pick up where he left off. I commented to him when we saw him in preseason couple years ago, that you could see it so clearly, because we know him so well, that you could see the level that he returned to the game.”