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Asking price for WR Amari Cooper looks to be a first-round pick

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Oakland Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

There’s been plenty of rumors flying around in the last week about the Raiders trading some of their stars, including Amari Cooper and Karl Joseph. And today, Ian Rappoport had something a little more concrete for us to chew on.

Before we all lose our minds, Chris Wesseling followed up with this Tweet:

In what is clearly a lost season for the Raiders, it makes sense that other teams would be circling like vultures, looking to get what talent they can from a rebuilding squad which may be looking to cut contracts which could prove expensive in the future. While Amari Cooper is the Raiders’ best receiver, his inconsistent performance may not be worth #1 receiver money, which is what he’d be in line for with any upcoming extension.

The last time there was this much smoke around Raider trade talks, Khalil Mack ended up as a Chicago Bear, and he most certainly was worth the money he was asking for. The Raiders weren’t shopping him either, but here we are. If the Raiders get a good enough deal to move Cooper, don’t think they won’t take it. Three first round picks in one draft would go a long way toward sending this team in a very different direction, even if they have to jettison some good players to do so.