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Raiders concerned about severity of Marshawn Lynch’s groin strain

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NFL: International Series-Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Not much has been working for the Raiders this season. In that regard, Marshawn Lynch has been a saving grace, even though only one win has come from it. He has run hard in every game as you expect him to. This offense is so bad, it’s hard to imagine what it would look like without its best player. From the way Gruden talked today, you might not have to imagine it soon.

Marshawn Lynch, we are concerned about, has a groin strain,” Gruden said.

“We will have to update you when we know more. He’s going to be evaluated further but yeah, we are concerned about him and we are also hopeful that we can continue to use him. We will let you know next week.”

The 32-year-old back had 45 yards on 13 carries (4.67 yards per carry) and 3 catches for 14 yards against the Seahawks Sunday in London. He played the whole game, even picking up 5 yards on his final carry.

Lynch is just one of several Raiders players who are injured at the moment and who could all use the bye week right now.

To that end, Gruden said he doesn’t think there are long term implications to Lynch’s groin strain, adding “I don’t want to say anything other than any time a man like this is sore, I’m concerned. We’ll get him checked out and get it to you as soon as possible.”

Gruden will speak again next week as the Raiders prepare for their week 8 match-up with the Indianapolis Colts. For now, some much needed rehab for these banged up players.