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Raiders Week 5 NFL Power Rankings round-up: First win barely moves the needle for power rankers

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Cleveland Browns v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

After starting the season 0-3 and falling to to cellar of the power rankings, the Raiders finally put their first win on the board... and it did little to change anyone’s mind about the threat they pose to the rest of the league.

Rank: 28th

What a wild, twisty-turny football game in Oakland on Sunday. The Raiders finally closed the deal. The highlights will show you the Derek Carr throws that made the difference, including a series of clutch catches by Jared Cook and Jordy Nelson. That’s great and relevant, but my goodness, did Marshawn Lynch run his tail off, too. His day: 23 touches, 157 yards from scrimmage (130 on the ground). Let me tell you, those were some harrrrrrrd yards. Lynch pushed the pile, refused to go down and ultimately squeezed every inch he could on most of his rumbles. CBS color commentator Ronde Barber couldn’t get over it. Neither could I. Gutsy performance II: Carr took a huge blow to the ribs on a big throw to Cook in OT.

Last Week 30

Rank: 31

If last week was in fact the Raiders’ final game played atop the Oakland A’s infield dirt, it was a fitting and memorable one.

Last week: 31

Sporting News

Rank: 30

Jon Gruden and Derek Carr needed that big offensive performance with their reputations on the line. Now the trick is making that kind of play a weekly occurrence to make up for awful defense.

Last week: 31


Rank: 28

Through four games, tight end Jared Cook has 26 catches for 370 yards and two touchdowns. He was the Raiders’ best player on Sunday. We’ve been waiting for Cook to play like this seemingly forever, and strangely enough his breakout seems to be happening at age 31.

Last week: 30

The Washington Post

Rank: 24

Four games into Jon Gruden’s return to coaching, it actually was a bit of a surprise that his team somehow pulled out a win at home against the Browns. What does that say?

Last week: 31

Bleacher Report

Rank: 31

Last week: 31

USA Today

Rank: 29

Jon Gruden is never going to get credit for putting together a good offense, but that’s exactly what he’s done. Oakland is now second in total offense. Derek Carr and company just need to do a better job of finishing drives. The Raiders need all the points they can get because the defense is not very good.

Last Week 28

SB Nation

Rank: 30

Power rankings aren’t just about wins and losses, they’re about the direction in which a team is headed. So while the Raiders beat the Browns in overtime, Oakland is really no more impressive today than last week. The Giants, Texans, Raiders, Bills, and Cardinals round out this week’s bottom five teams.

Last Week 30


Rank: 30

Rookie snaps leader: OL Kolton Miller, 288 snaps out of 288 (100 percent). Miller was selected by the Raiders with the 15th overall pick, and the Raiders’ offensive line has allowed pressure on 24 percent of dropbacks, the seventh-lowest rate in the NFL. -- Koontz

Last Week 31

CBS Sports

Rank: 27

They pulled one out in overtime against the Browns. Maybe that gets this team going, but the defense is a major issue.

Last week: 30

Average Ranking: 28.8

Last Week 30.33

That’s a rise of just a smidge over two spots.

Even with the offense coming alive at home against the Browns, and the defense forcing turnovers after having only a couple over the first three games, it was by no means an easy win. The Raiders battled with a tough Browns team with a rookie making his first start and a defense that lost two key starters in the secondary. They showed something they hadn’t in the first three losses, but clearly a nail-biter over the Browns had the NFL world saying a collective ‘meh’ to the accomplishment. The Raiders still have much to prove and Los Angeles next week would be the perfect place to prove it.