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Cowboys reportedly seeking trade for WR Amari Cooper

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Cleveland Browns v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Earlier this morning, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Raiders have received interest from several teams regarding a trade for Amari Cooper, but it’s the Cowboys who are considering a hard push for the Raiders receiver.

This is hardly surprising, given the fact that the Cowboys sent Dez Bryant packing and did essentially nothing to replace him or retired TE Jason Witten. They’ve left Dak Prescott without any serious weapons and are struggling because of it.

The Raiders have, according to Schefter’s report, received inquiries about Cooper from Washington, the Colts, and a few other teams as well. But the Cowboys would seem to have the most glaring need at receiver of those teams, and possibly in the entire league.

Trade rumors surrounding Cooper are remarkably similar to those about Khalil Mack in the buildup to his being traded to the Chicago Bears. The price on Mack was at least two first-round picks and the Raiders got it. The price on Cooper is reportedly at least one first-round pick. The Cowboys are crazy enough to do just that, and are desperate enough for offensive playmakers that it might actually make sense for them. Don’t be shocked if Amari Cooper is on America’s Team before the end of October.