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Bears lose thriller to Patriots: updated draft positions

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NFL: New England Patriots at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

There hasn’t been much to get excited about for Raiders fans in 2018. After a disappointing start to the season and rumors of a fire sale swirling it appears the Raiders are in tank mode.

Time to begin focusing on the draft. To add to the intrigue of the 2019 draft, the Raiders will be selecting twice in the first round. Something to keep a close eye on throughout the remainder of the year is the Chicago Bears.

The Bears lost a hard fought game 38-31, to the Patriots on Sunday. The Bears record is now 3-3 on the year. After starting 3-1, the Bears have now lost two consecutive games. The current draft order has the Raider selecting fourth and 15th (Bears pick).

The Bears have some very winnable games remaining on their schedule, including the next three against the Jets, Bills, and Lions. In addition to those games they have two remaining with the Vikings, one versus the Rams, Giants, 49ers, Packers, and Lions.

Best case scenario for the Raiders would be having two selections in the top 10, it seems very likely their own pick could be a top five.

It’s hard to predict wins and loses in the NFL, but it’s fun to try, so let’s give it a try. Based on the first seven weeks and the remaining games on their schedule it’s feasible the Bears finish 8-8. Generally an 8-8 record will have you picking in the 14-18 range.

Raiders fans would love some help from the Bills, Jets, Lions, Giants, and 49ers. Losing two or three of those games would help creep the Bears pick closer to the top 10.