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Monday Night Football open thread: Giants vs. Falcons

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Atlanta Falcons v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

With everything going on in Raiderland today, it’s easy to forget that there’s another game tonight! Actually, it’s probably the fact that the game is Giants-Falcons that makes it forgettable, but these two teams will do battle tonight, coming at you live from beautiful Robotic Butthole Stadium.

Although the Giants are ass and are one of the contenders for the first overall pick next year, watching them is still kinda fun because Saquon Barkley is preternaturally good. He is one of the most explosive and exciting running backs we’ve seen in years, and is a threat to score on any play.

The Falcons have kept their band together, but the magic has worn off and they’re 2-4 on the year. Can the Falcons get what should be an easy win at home or will the Giants provide the cretins who watch New York sports another dose of false hope?

Tonight’s game can be seen on ESPN at 5:15 Pacific Time and streamed on WatchESPN.