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Three reasons why Colts will lose to Raiders on Sunday — as told by a Colts writer

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Buffalo Bills v Oakland Raiders Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

This week we team up with SB Nation Colts blog Stampede Blue to give you a unique perspective. Both the Raiders and Colts have struggled this season and thus there are plenty of reasons on each side why they could collapse and give the game away.

I spoke with Chris Blystone for the perspective from the other side. He gives three reasons why the Colts will lose to the Raiders on Sunday


The Colts are a young and developing team. This week we near the midpoint of the season and the only thing we can say with certainty about the Colts is that they have struggled to play a complete football game with any kind of regularity.

If you turned on games throughout the season you could have very different ideas about what this team is. If you watched The first half of their game against the Bengals you’d have seen a defensive performance that looked as good as some of the best in the NFL. The second half of the Texans game looked like a team that could put up points on the best defenses out there.

The issue has been stringing together four consecutive quarters good football in all phases of the game. Sunday, at home against the Bills the Colts were able to do that. It was the first time all season. There are a lot of good things that come with having a very young roster. Consistent and even performances are not always one of those things. If the Colts struggle, as they have all year, to play well for a whole game they will likely lose.

Hostile Environment

The Colts have won just two games, one at home and one on the road against the Redskins. The game against the Redskins was one of their franchises’ most poorly attended in years. That didn’t exactly create a menacing environment in which to play a road game.

When they travel to face the Raiders and have to deal with the infamous “Black Hole,” that won’t be the case. Raiders fans have a long history of showing up to support their team, and that matters against a young team that is still adjusting to a new offense and defense as well as just returning some of their starters from injury.

Communication is a big key still at this stage, especially given the revolving door of players who have missed time because of being hurt. If the crowd brings it on Sunday it could present a problem for this Colts team.

The Colts’ Secondary

While the front seven of the Colts has been a strength on defense, the defensive backs have been in a state of flux due to a slew of injuries. The safety position especially has been banged up and with the news today that Malik Hooker missed yet another practice with a hip issue and Clayton Geathers still not practicing, it could be very thin there.

As far as the cornerbacks go, only Kenny Moore has really played well all season. Quincy Wilson, Nate Hairston, and Pierre Desir have had their moments, but have largely struggled. Tight ends and shifty slot receivers have eaten up the generous zones left by the young corners and allowed teams to move comfortably down the field. That might be a dangerous combination when pitted against Derek Carr, who will likely come out wanting to prove himself after an annoying week in the media.

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