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Raiders vs. Colts second half open thread

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Indianapolis Colts v Oakland Raiders Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

It’s pretty clear by now the Raiders should never go to England again. Unlike last week where the team didn’t look like it knew what a football was, they look pretty alright today, and hold a 14-13 lead going into the half.

Derek Carr has been stellar in the passing game, going 9/12 for 119 yards and two touchdown passes. The Raiders haven’t run the ball much, but Doug Martin has looked pretty good with four carries for 17 yards. Maybe the Raiders will lean on him more in the second half?

The Raiders haven’t pressured Andrew Luck much, and he is 14/20 for 108 yards. Marlon Mack has been difficult to bring down and has 46 yards rushing.

Can the Raiders hold onto this lead or will they let it slip away yet again? Enjoy the second half!