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A quarter into the season some Raiders players on pace for some crazy numbers

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We are at the quarter mark of the season, so let’s look at where the Raiders’ current numbers project them over a full 16 games along with where those numbers would have ranked last season.

Record: 4-12

2017 rank: 30th

Points for: 388

2017 rank: 10th

Points against: 492

2017 rank: By far the most points allowed in the NFL. You have to go back to 2011 to find a team that gave up more points. That season the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave up 494 points.

Derek Carr: 5492 yards, 24 TD’s, 28 Int

2017 rank: Best in NFL in passing yards, 11th most passing TD’s, most Int’s in the NFL

Marshawn Lynch: 1200 yards rushing, 12 TD’s, 1440 yards from scrimmage

2017 rank: 4th in rushing yards, 2nd in rushing TD’s.

Doug Martin: 392 yards rushing, 0 TD’s

2017 rank: 50th in rushing

Jared Cook: 104 catches, 1480 yards, 8 TD’s

2017 rank: Most receptions among TE’s (3rd overall), Most yards among TE’s (2nd overall), 2nd in TD’s among TE’s (8th overall).

Jordy Nelson: 64 catches, 1096 yards, 8 TD’s

2017 rank: 31st in receptions, 10th in yards, 8th in TD’s.

Amari Cooper: 84 catches, 1080 yards, 4 TD’s

2017 rank: 11th in catches, 12th in yards, 51st in TD’s.

Jalen Richard: 72 catches, 608 yards, 0 TD’s

2017 ranks: 5th in catches among RB’s (23rd overall), 6th in receiving among RB’s (62nd overall),

Martavis Bryant: 45 catches, 555 yards, 0 TD’s

2017 rank: 83rd in catches, 73rd in yards

Seth Roberts: 30 catches, 330 yards, 4 TD’s

2017 rank: 131st in catches, 130th in yards, 51st in TD’s

Overall: Carr approaching 5500 yards when he has never even reached 4000 yards in a season, a 1200-yard rusher, and THREE 1000-yard receivers. That’s redonkulous. Though if you’d asked the pace before the Browns game, the results would have been far different, so things can change quickly.