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NFL VP of officials says Browns sack on Raiders QB Derek Carr should have been ruled fumble, nothing on early whistle on Marshawn Lynch run

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Cleveland Browns v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The NFL loves to defend its own rulings and officiating. Vice President of Officiating Al Riveron put out a video this week detailing some of the calls that were made this week to explain why they were called as they were. Part of that was noting that the strip sack on Derek Carr which was ruled as just a sack, should have been a fumble.

“Watch the passer on this play,” Riveron said, speaking of Derek Carr. “We rule the passer stopped for forward progress and we kill the play. This is not forward progress. Obviously this is a fumble. We should not have blown the whistle, but because we ruled forward progress on the play, this play is not reviewable. This play would only be reviewable if it pertains to the line to gain, or the goal line. So again, once the officials rule forward progress, the only way that play is reviewable, either by a challenge or a booth review, is if it pertains to the line to gain or the goal line.”

Unfortunately, nowhere in the video did he note anything about the early whistle on Marshawn Lynch on a play in which he was clearly still breaking tackles and may have gotten big yardage had the play been allowed to continue.

The quick whistles on the Raiders offense seemed weird. One time it hurt them, one time it helped them. Both times were terrible officiating.